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Mark Zamarin is an accomplished martial artist with over 30 years experience.  Mark's started with Shotokan Karate and them immersed himself in 'hard style' Aikido under Chiba Sensei in San Diego.  Mark studied weapons extensively under various masters including Chiba (San Diego), Von Krenner (Kalispell) and Ishikawa (Osaka).  Mark's study of Aikido, Zen philosophy and meditation shifted Mark's emphasis toward what he calls the original intent of O Sensei (Morihei Ueshiba) the founder of Aikido.  Mark was drawn to a more formless version of Aikido (kata no nai) which has been practiced in Park City for over a decade. 

In 2005 Mark traveled to Canada having been given a tip about Systema from an old Aikido friend.  A week with Vladimir Vasiliev convinced Mark that "everything had to change in Park City."  Mark felt that he had witnessed a man who possessed the freedom that O Sensei had exhibited in his prime.  It was not Aikido, but it caused a seismic shift for Mark, nonetheless. 

Since that fateful summer in 2005 Park City Aikido integrated Systema principles into its practice.  In 2007 our Saturday Aikido class became a 'Systema Saturday' class.  The appeal of Systema was obvious as our Saturday participants numbered twice anything that we had seen in Aikido.  Under Mark Zamarin's direction, the Park City group continues a path that combines the best, formless Aikido with the Russian Martial Art called "Systema." 

In the summer of 2012, Mark was awarded full Systema Instructor status after many years of work.

Mark is a student of Zen philosophy.  He blends these teachings with scientific facts and theory to include quantum physics.  Concisely put, Mark will offer a perspective that is unique and integral to our training...and to life. 

Rob K was the first Aikido student to join the Park City Aikido group.  Rob eventually became an instructor in Aikido.  After Mark "saw the light" and added Systema to the training, Rob followed and attended various camps and workshops in Toronto and Phoenix.  Rob entered Systema Instructor training in 2010. 

Mitch D
is the latest addition to our instructor ranks and is in the Instructor In Training Program.   Mitch has attended a series of seminars and worked closely with Vladimir, Constantine, Kwan, and Martin Wheeler.
The Park City Systema Group includes people from all over Northern Utah.  We are fortunate to have many talented Systema practitioners who are avid students of Systema.  As such, they are able to help beginning students who attend our classes.