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Breath and Health

The chances are that as you read this you have gone all day, all week, all month or perhaps years without a conscious breath.  Shallow mouth breathing is the status quo for most people unless they incorporate yoga into their health routine. 
Many see exercise as something that has you looking like this:    

But, straining to do anything is unnatural and eventually will destroy you.  We will train you to use your breath in a way that reduces the strain on you body and allows you to efficiently recover from stress that might be inflicted upon you. 

Systema teaches us that breath and natural movement are paramount in dealing with conflict whether external or internal.  The breath frees us from acting/reacting out of fear. 

Fear is accumulated as memories since childhood so the training is designed to recognize this and re-wire our brains for better functionality.  Fear resides in our left brain.  Our left brain is like an egg timer compared to our right brain which is a "super computer." Fear is NOT a state in which we can thrive.

The breath allows us to connect to the part of our self that already knows what to do when we are attacked externally or internally.  Without tension we adapt to whatever comes at us.   We adopt a "working state" that will actually allow us to see the intention of our opponent and exploit his tension and/or weakness.  Our goal is to reduce the attackers desire to destroy. 
The net result is proactive, intuitive action rather than thinking, reactive tactics.   

Finally, and most importantly, Systema teaches us that the path to freedom via breath is not limited to martial situations.  Rather, the breath allows us to heal our bodies and live in a healthful state.  For this reason we encourage our students to cross train yoga where movement, calm and breath are combined into one practice. 

We find that all of this helps us when dealing with and helping others who are stressed, anxious, sad, or fearful.  Calm is contagious.

Classes will emphasize the internal state with martial elements and the combative training of Systema.

Breath, natural movement, freedom, and good health ALL go hand-in-hand from the perspective of the Systema practitioner: