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Systema is more than a martial art...It is a path...perhaps it is your path.

Other martial arts offer:
      Tactics,        Competition   Rank via Belts        and Ego. 
We offer none of this.  We do teach discipline, but without the bowing and without the white uniforms.  The discipline is in showing up to train and practicing when you can.  We don't pressure you to attend every class because most people are drawn to Systema when they are ready for a
clear change in their life  


Systema is experiential and cannot be understood by watching others on YouTube. Soon after starting to train Systema you will realize that you are on your new path.  Friends and family will notice too as you project more confidence and calm. 
Systema will teach you to survive in most any self-defense situation.  More important, Systema will teach you to live in a permanent state of awareness and freedom. 
We call it "The Working State."  This will help immeasurably with the day-to-day internal and external conflict that we all deal with as human beings. 

At Systema Utah in Park City we emphasize Breath, Movement, Health and Formless Methods when dealing with conflict.  From your first class we will show you how most of the conflict is held within oneself.  It manifests as doubt, tension, pain, and disease.  This conflict is fear based and fear is the root cause of negative thought and emotion.  
Systema provides a path toward:

Oh, and BTW:  Systema is fun...Laughing is encouraged.